The Future is Now!

STARTECAR represents a therapeutic modality that allows the transfer of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy to different cell layers, from the superficial to the deep. This energy transfer has the property of warming inside, making endogenous diathermy, from moderate to intense.

The increase in temperature and the consequent increase in blood flow stimulates the processes of tissue repairing, favouring the contribution of organic substrates and the elimination of catabolites from the painful and/or inflammatory areas.

STARTECAR is used to make faster  healing processes and, due to its antalgic effect, in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of muscles, tendons and bone.


The Interactive Hand-Piece has been exclsuively developed from PAGANI for granting comfortable and safety massage, in respect with ergonomic shape of the hand. Everybody may handle the hand-piece with insulation and protection from eletromagnetic field. The Interactive Hand-Piece is granting electronic switching from from capacitive to resistive and viceversa without changing the electrode. Over the coloured LCD of Interactive Hand-Piece you may see all useful parameters such as temperature, intensity, impedance and modality. 

Static applications

FLEXI: high efficiency flexible electrode

FLEXI is the New high efficiency electrode exclusively developed  by Elettronica PAGANI.

FLEXI is intended to modify the concept of Tecar Therapy and diathermy radiofrequency applications.

FLEXI is made of high conductive material that allows the use of a special electro-conductive gel, allowing in fact the possibility to apply a normal gel without medicament or a gel with a medicament, with anti-inflammatory and / or analgesic active ingredients, or other principles for skin tightening, muscle tone, improve circulation, stimulating skin elasticity and collagen production.

Bipolar electrodes applications

The treatments with bipolar technique are performed by means of a cylindrical handpiece where both the neutral electrode and the active electrode are present. In this way, the emission remains local and circumscribed to the two electrodes.

It is particularly useful for local application in treatments on the face, on the phalanges, on the wrist and on all other small anatomical parts.