Embrace Your Body


The Dynamic Presso-Massage

The Best in Drainage

Stimulating the body to ensure a proper functioning lymphatic system is useful to everyone, even athletes and those enjoying excellent health. Thanks to the improvement in circulation while stimulating the elimination of toxins and waste products it is particularly useful for those to enhance athletic recovery and performance.  LYMPHACTIVE is an extremely useful tool for preventing and improving water retention, favoring an improved aesthetic appearance of the skin and can aid in preventing cellulite.

Patented fit for dynamic presso-massage

Thanks to this patented system, the massage takes place in the natural orthostatic position and allows the possibility for the user to walk on a tread-mill. This vertical, in motion freedom allows

LYMPHACTIVE to deliver results not obtainable by any other device. By transferring pressure from side to side, the lymphatic system is more effective in improving circulation, maximizing muscle toning, enhancing weight loss and slimming.

Lymphactive benefits

Reduced swelling within a few hours of use

Soothes tired muscles

Relieves joint pain

Helps clients lose pounds and inches

Boosts the immune system

Enhances the natural processes of your internal organs

Reduces cellulite

LYMPHACTIVE reactivates your lymphatic system 10 times more effectively than a traditional drainage massage

The Greatest Wealth is Health

LYMPHACTIVE marks a decisive step forward into the use of presso-massage, which delivers an important element of enhancing the functions of the body and building a strong immune system. A balanced and properly functioning lymphatic system expels toxins, ensuring that the body is protected against infections through an efficient flow of liquid leaving the venous pathways (lymph) and returning cleanly back into the bloodstream.