HPL Laser

HPL is probably the most diffused laser scanning laser device all over the world. 

Great reliability, effectiveness and ease of use continue to be the prerogatives of the new HPL range.

A careful choice, based on strong traditions of brand and product reliability, today are combined with technological solutions that make HPL unique and unmistakable, destined to still give many satisfactions to its users and to the patients who benefit from its performances.

Activating the natural healing process of the tissues is the most important effect of energies and wavelengths that are able to transfer the laser light in depth.


Each HPL model is provided with a high power laser source and delivers high energy density. 

HPL 1.6: equipped with an IR source 808 nm, 1,600 mW + 1 mW 650 nm

HPL 7.0: equipped with IR source 808 nm 7,000 mW + 1 mW 650 nm. 

HPL 7.0 Yag: equipped with a 1064 nm 7,000 mW + 1 mW 650 nm source. 

The possibility of rotating the scanning plane in a completely automatic way allows to direct the beam anywhere, easily, to treat, for example, even seated patients. 

HPL is all new. New in design, with a large TOUCH-SCREEN display, purely Italian, where rational and rigorous lines are combined with more sinuous and rounded lines to give the entire device a modern and sophisticated look. New in materials, with the use of a good percentage of aluminum alloy instead of iron to give lightness and other environmentally friendly components. New in the solutions of energy transfer on the patient with even more performing and effective optics. Finally, new software to offer simpler and more current access, and 4.0 technology for remote control and interconnection in the same work environment.